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Editing a video



I haven't done this yet, and it's probably the easiest thing in the world to do, but maybe someone can give me some quick advice.


I've recorded a few TV shows on DVD +RW's. This was done on a RCA dvd recorder. I WISH I'd recorded to my Toshiba hard drive, cause this is really easily done.


I want to copy parts of this program to a DVD +R to keep permanently. Unfortunately, the RCA does not allow me to do a chapter divide and then I can actually erase what I don't want to keep, then use MyDVD to copy the dvd.


So, is there any way to start recording at a certain point of the dvd?? I'll probably spend some time this weekend working on this project, so would appreciate any help anyone can give me.


Maybe this will help you understand what I want to do. I've recorded the LSU Baseball games for a few friends of mine. But one of the games was rain delayed and didn't start for almost 90 minutes. So I want to cut out all of this video that we don't want to keep. So how do I start the copying where they switched to the game and the game starts??

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Copy the dvd-video folder from the disc to your hard drive. Open Videowave. Bring in the movie you just copied to the hard drive. You can now do editing (split/trim) to cut out unwanted sections. This post discusses one way of trimming of unwanted sections.

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