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Video sections not working



Hi. I’ll try to be as brief as possible


I’m having problems accessing the videos section of Roxio Creative 2009 ( SP4 ) in french

NOTE: Not the Ultimate version ( It wasn’t sold where I bought it ) and it will be translated in English as best as I can.


First, what I got in my PC :

Computer ACPI x64 base ( Whatever it means )

Mother board Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz 2,33 Ghz

8,00 Go RAM. Exploit system 64 bits

1 tera hard disk drive space ST31000333AS ATA Device

Windows Vista Home Premium Edition ( 64 bits ) SP2 ( May 2009 Updated )

Video Card NVIDIA Quadro FX 570 ( Design for video. A little bit for video games )

Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-216D ATA Device

I went to your forum ( Easy Media Creator Products/Creator2009/Program Errors/Crashes/Hangs ) to find some answers for my problems, but at the end, I only got a splitting headache !


I’ve startup my PC. Then click on Roxio Creative 2009 ( RC2009’s window pups up ). Click on Video - Films. Then Click on Automatic Video Editing

A window pups up : ( In french. I’ve translate it for you )


RoxWizardLauncher11.exe - Incorrect image ( Or picture )


C:\Windows\system32\d3dx9_33.dll is not built for executing under Windows or theirs an error. Reinstall the programme with help of the original support installation, or contact your system administrator or supplier of this program for support.


Then I click OK. And a second window pups up ( In English this time ) :


Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


Runtime error!


Program: ...iles\RoxioShared\11.0\SharedCom\RoxWizardLauncher11.exe

This apllication has requested the Runtime to terminate it in a unusaul way. Please contact the application‘s support team for more information


Then I click OK. And a third window pups up ( In English also ) :


Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


Runtime error!


Program: ...iles\RoxioShared\11.0\SharedCom\RoxWizardLauncher11.exe



- pure vitual function call


Then I click OK and nothing more.


So, I’ve tried by clicking on Video Edit - Advanced

Same message as C:\Windows...dll.


Then I click OK.


A window pups up and it read ( In french ): VideoWave 11 has cease to function

Windows is searching for solution.

A problem in the program has cease correctly. Windows will close the program and will indicate if a solution is available


The same things happens when I click on Create a DVD and Create DVD Advanced in the same order


I apologize for such a long post. Can anyone help me, please ?


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I thank you for the info. I'll bring my pc to the dealer who sold it to me and get it fix. Going inside the program is out of my league and I don't want to make it worst. :)

OK but keep in mind these are specific to Roxio and your dealer will probably know absolutely nothing about it!


I suggest you print out mdekker’s post as well as the Clean Install process for your OS (Vista) and take that with you.

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If I got this right you have 2 separate problems and both will respond to the pinned posts at the top here.


The Skin Image error has to do with installing with a different language. Inside that pinned post is a connection for the Clean Install.


You need to do both to get it running right.


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