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Another problem



Ok now I have another problem. I was able to get the files from one of the discs onto my computer and the other night I edited the videos alot and I was able to use MyDvd Express to put them on a dvd that could play on my dvd player. But last night and today when I tried to put videos on the disc using MyDvd Express it takes like 3 - 6 hours and won't put anything on the dvd.

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This has been shifted to a new topic so people don't have to wade through the earlier messages. :)


Depending on the type of videos you're using to make your DVD, they will need to be 'rendered' into the image size and type you've selected. Some may need very little work to get them right, but others may take the program quite some time to render them. Folks on the boards here say it's not uncommon for rendering to take 3 times the length of the movie, or even more, for rendering.


A good idea is to change your output to an image instead of a DVD, and then burning the image to disc later. This keeps the rendering process separate from the burning process, and also doesn't waste a blank disc if something goes wrong at the rendering stage.



In the burning dialog you uncheck 'Burn to disc' and check 'Save disc image file', making sure you select the right target media [mine is set to DL, you'll want single layer].


If all goes well with the rendering stage, you can burn an extra copy of the disc if you want from the image, instead of having to render everything twice.


I can't tell you what has/hasn't gone wrong last night, but if you output to an image then you may be able to see where any problem is.

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Ok I will try that later my only concern is how long it is going to take me to do the entire proses. Oh and I'm not quite sure I know what you say when you say burn to disc later how exactly would I do that?

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I can't say how long it will take you to do the whole process, Stela, since so much depends on your hardware. Many of the users here leave it running overnight because it takes so long.


If you have saved to a disc image instead of burning straight to disc, all you need to do later is go to

Copy > Burn Image to Disc, and point the software at the image you saved.



You delete the image when you've burned as many copies of it as you need.

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