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Deja Vu Remote Backup does not work





I have a Firwire HD connected to a G4 Mac. The G4 Mac is networked to my G5. I've setup Deja Vu to perform a manual remote backup of my G5 to the Firewire HD on the G4. I've set options to Auto connect to the Firewire HD on the G4, and also checked the remote backup option.


When I start the manual backup on the G5, Deja Vu automatically mounts the firewire HD on my desktop, and starts the backup. After a couple of minutes it completes without any errors, and unmounts the firewire HD. I checked the log file and no files are backed up. I check the firewire HD and it is empty.


I verified I have enough space on the firewire HD. So does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?


Thanks in advance for any help,






I think I found the problem. I was checking the help page, and it states that when cloning a HD the remote backup must not be selected in the options. Not sure why one cannot clone a HD via remote backup though!



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