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DVD Labeling



I recently purchased a LaCie DVD burner with Lightscribe and it came with Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. I have downloaded all updates for the hardware, software, drivers, etc. and I'm having an issue.


Roxio's labeling program will not open when I have the DVD (external) drive plugged into the computer. The loading component window comes up but then it just never loads and eventually locks everything up.


When I open the Labeling program without the DVD drive plugged in, it will actually load. As you might imagine, this presents a problem since I have to have the drive plugged in to be able to burn a lightscribe label.


Any thoughts/suggestions?



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I'm curious to know what type of connection you have from the "exterior" HD to you computer. Sounds to me like the program is just not responding to that exterior HD. I also agree with fhendo's suggestion that using the "sure Thing" software especially if it's working for you. And also up-"grading" (not updating) to a full version of your EMC program.


You might also want to address the problem with the persons you bought the equipment from as they are responsible for your support if it's "OEM". I'm not suggesting that they will have an answer for you and will most likely suggest you talk with the program manufacturer (Roxio) as they probably don't have the technical support to help you.



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I bought what is probably the same burner (LaCie D2) and tried to use it with EMC 8's Label Creator program. While I had no problem opening up label creator, for some reason it only burns on 1/2 of my disc. I still have not figured out why, partly because I have no problem using one of the other software applications that came with the burner--Sure Thing label maker. If you are new to Roxio, and do not have much use for it beyond label making, I would not force the issue--use Sure Thing. If you want pursue Roxio, upgrade to one of the full versions as opposed to the "light" version 7 that came with the LaCie burner.

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