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Recording in CD Text

J Leverett


I recently purchased Roxio Creator 2009 software because the salesman told me that it could record my CDs in CD Text that would paly in my mercedes 2007 S550. For the past 6 weeks, I have been unable to find a way to record in CD Text. I guess I need to find other software that would be capable without a hassle. Any suggestions?



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Hello JD,


Creator 2009 will record CD-Text on an audio CD you burn as long as your burner supports CD-Text. You just need to have the text you want to burn set up on the audio tracks you've selected, and have set the correct Project settings.


If you run Music Disc Creator, add your music tracks, and go to Project settings you will see this window appear.



Make sure the box for 'Add CD-Text' is checked, and you should get CD-Text burned on your audio disc.


Please be aware that for some strange reason Windows Media Player and a number of the other mainstream CD player programs do not automatically show CD-Text. You might have already been burning CD-Text to your discs without being able to see it.


To check for CD-Text, there is a very small, free, CD player which will show you any CD-Text present on a CD. The player's called the HACP player 1.20, and it's a free download from the author's homepage HERE or any of a hundred other sites on the web.


There are also add-ons for Windows Media Player and some others, to display CD-Text.

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I've just spotted this thread and I have a question for Brendon.


I have been happily using Roxio Easy Media Creator 10LJ, which came pre-installed on my Sony Vaio laptop. I particularly like it's ability to burn audio CDs with CD text.


Needing video processing facilities, I upgraded to Roxio Creator 2009, which is a good product. However when I burn an audio CD in the "Burn Audio CDs" tab, CD text is burnt for each track, but not the album title. I have repeated the exercise several times with different collections of MP3s and blank discs, but still no album title. I have re-tried Easy Media Creator 10LJ and it still burns album titles, so there is nothing wrong with the rest of my system.


Ideally I would like to use Creator 2009 for all my audio and video authoring, so a fix for my problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Peter,


This applies to Roxio Music Disc Creator [MDC] which is accessed through "Create Music Disc Projects", and doesn't apply to "Burn Audio CDs" under Music - Audio, which is a much simplified Sonic module. You won't get what you want from the simple Sonic module.


-In MDC select 'Audio CD' and drag your tracks into the project window.

-order them how you want the finished disc.

-Use the 'Rename' button to change track and artist names if needed.

-Go to the 'Project Settings' button with the spanner icon to the left of the project window [see post #2 above] and enter Disc name and Artist name

-hit the Burn button.


That should do what you want.






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