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Is my Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-100D firmware uptodate?



I've had 2 Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-100D drives installed in my G4 dual 1.25.


The SystemProfiler sezs that the firmware is 1.11.


Is that firmware uptodate? ( Albeit I don't have a clue on how to update unless Pioneer provides an Mac firmware installer. )


Excuse my off topic question although if anyone should know the answer it would be the RoxioCommunity.

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No, it is very old. 1.39 is the newest.




This Mac Updater should work.




Use at own risk.



Thank you.


I checked out both urls.


When I visited http://lasvegas.rpc1.org/ nothing at that site referred to version 1.39.


It appeared to me that I should download DVRFlash version 2.2 for the mac


I downloaded DVRFlash_v2.2_mac.zip which I unzipped to find a DVRFlash_v2.2_mac Folder.


I read the text files however I am not sure how I "flash" my 2 Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-100D drives installed in my G4 dual 1.25.


Do I just double click that DVRFlash ( unix file ) and that brings the firmware up to 1.39?


Nothing in the read text files indicates that the DVRFlash file will bring the firmware up to version 1.39.


When I had those 2 burners installed for me I installed PatchBurn as advised.



I also forgot to mention that I am running TIGER 10.4.6 and that I have four internal drives with 3 of the drives with OS X. Therefore, do I run that DVRFlash file in each of the 3 drives?


I hope you can guide me through this

firmware updating.

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