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cannot get VIDEO VHS to work with EASY he he! VHS TO DVD

sally ann


Could someone PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!...we have purchased a EASY VHS TO DVD PACKAGE...it was set up and we successfully transferred our camcorder tapes to DVD BUT it just won't work on the Video vhs? we have double double checked everything, put in 4 tickets to get help, and had a chat with so many tech guys...but still no luck, we even got in touch with the Company we purchased it from and they have now sent us a new package...so we have uninstalled the 1st one and we are sitting here looking at the new one which is not installed yet, becuase we have been doing this for nearly 3 weeks now and we feel like throwing it out the window. I have printed of the 11 pages from DIGITAL GURU...

Our Problem is when it was all set up and we connect the RCA'S 3 TO RCA'S 3 (which we have purchased) everything goes to the page wanted with the screen that showed the camcorder tape, but this remains BLACK AND NO AUDIO! we were told to try the 2nd option but that shows "NO SIGNAL" IN RED...there is nothing happening...we have tried 3 seperate video recorders (from Family) has anyone any idea what is wrong? why is it not coming up on the screen when we play the video? any help would be appreciated Thanks.

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Hi, I moved the topic to the correct section of the forums since you posted in the Creator 2009 section. You may have not know that this is here. I suggest you search this section to see if there is anything in this section that will help if the above suggestions don't help.


Please put your computer specifications or at least Manufacturer and exact model number with any upgrades and OS in your signature. Computers and OS have a great effect on video editing.

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