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Triplicate tracks when Converting analog to digital in LP & Tape Assistant



Something just went terribly wrong. When I convert an LP in LP & tape assistant, and reach the ediit portion in Sound Editor, I have (3) three separate copies of my tracks. For example I have tracks 1 to 12 and also 13 to 24 (that are duplicates ofl copies 1 to 12) and 25 to 36 (that are a triplicate of 1 to 12). Sometimes the track is not ending before the silent portions and require adding and removing track separators to have tracks begin and end at the beginning and ending of the track. I have to delete the duplicate and triplicate tracks prior to any serious editing. Has anyone experienced this problem and does anyone have an answer to fix it?

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No one was looking over your shoulder when this happened, so you are the only person who knows what you did in detail.


Maybe it would help if you shared those details???

I set for mono recording in LP Assistant. Recorded both sides of LP and then> Stop > Next > Next > Sound Editor. Soon as I was in Sound Editor I noticed the 3 separate recordings. Each one is identical and in exact sequence as recorded. I only recorded once. I use Sound Editor to make all my track editing. I went in and "removed from project" the (2) two extra set of tracks. In Sound Editor it shows as clips and tracks. The clip was the entire 3 recordings prior to removing the extras. It displayed, a total time, somewhere in the area of 154 minutes+ until I removed the extras from the project. I recorded in Mono because it was a Mono LP. I record in Stereo for Stereo LP's. I discovered, I think, that if you need to record a Mono LP in Mono to get the Stereo Effect in "Sound Effects" when changing Mono to Stereo. I tried recording a Mono LP in Stereo and when using the change over Sound Effects I did not notice as great of a Stereo boost in the sound and that is why I use Mono ffor Mono and Stereo for Stereo. I hope You can understand what I just wrote. I think Roxio should have more detail in their instructions.


NEW UPDATE: Somehow things are back to working. I went into Advanced Options & configured everything once again and went into "Capture Audio from Sound Card". I found it was configured to "2 channel 16 bit 48000 DVD Quality" I Changed it to "2 channel 16 bit 44100Hz CD Quality". Maybe that was the problem? I really don't know if that made the difference. Everything is working and I can't explain why and now I just have to fine tune the time for track detection.


Also try using "Capture Audio from Sound Card". I find that works better if you are going to do any audio editing.


I've had glitches in "LP and Tape..." that I could never explain.

Thanks for the input. I will check it out.

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