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Creator 2009 crashes - possible solution

Kevin Wilcox


Just thought I'd post this as it may help some people. I bought creator 2009 several months ago and whilst it worked fine up to the point of crearing a DVD/burning, it always crashed during the burn. As the PC is a pretty good spec, and thinking it was rubbish software I downloaded trial versions of just about every other popular package, but every one of these also crashed at some point or other. I chased my tail a fair bit thereafter, including reformatting the hard drive and re-installing everything from scratch, all to no avail. Along the way my PC also started crashing whilst gaming, and then even occasionally during ordinary office apps. However, during the most recent re-install I also installed PC Probe, a utility that ships with asus motherboards. there are comparable things for others I'm sure. This measures voltages and temperatures etc, and showed that the CPU was getting seriously hot. Putting 2 & 2 together I ran a game to see what would happen; temp through the roof and game crashed; I did the same for creator, same result. I then gave the PC a good clean inside, especially the cpu cooler (heatsink) which was very dusty. Magic! Temperatures dropped by maybe 10 degrees instantly, and I've now been able to burn without problems. That said, the temps are still verging on the too hot so I'm going to install one or two extra fans etc to try to address this. The strange thing is that I don't think I ever saw a hint that this might be the issue whilst searching every forum under the sun (felt that way anyway). But there you are - if you're having the same problem try a good blow/vacuum first, use a utility to check the CPU temp, and if it's looking hot, try resolving this first. Incidentally, mine was hot to the touch almost enough to burn my fingers.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the info!


Generally speaking, overheat will not happen from a manufactured PC.


It occurs with homebuilts and user modifications since few folks really understand heat removal.


Overheat from dust accumulation can happen in homebuilts and manufactured PC's that are never cleaned!


Pic, compliments of Brendon....







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