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Shirley G.


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Sorry to ask this question but did you select S-video in the application? What happens if you use composite?


Please list your computer specs.


Dell Inspiron 9400 T2300 1.66 GHz 981 MHz 1.99 GB of RAM Capacity 87.06 GB Free space 52.93


I did select S-video and changed to composite - neither worked.

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Actually, Any cable with the RCA plugs on each end will do it is nothing but a wire… I have used two of the Red/White audio cables for this in a pinch or even made up my own :lol:


The colors are on there to help you keep them straight, but there is nothing special about the cables.


There are 2 things that I still question in your thread…


Making sure the correct Drivers are installed? – look through this thread again and match the pictures up with your system. They must match!


Another test – IF you have XP you can use Windows Movie Maker to capture with. Does it work? (NOTE: Will not work in Vista!!!)


Next question, are you using a SCART converter?


If so, can you test the output wires on your TV? – many of the SCART converters only pass Audio and the Video connection is not actually connected.


(personal question - what town/country do you live it?)


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What is the full name and version of the software?


If you have the Roxio USB Capture device, check this out.

I have Roxio Creator 2009 as well as the USB Capture device. I used the RCA cable (red and white) and the S connection but cannot get the picture - when I press Play on the VCR, then try to press Capture, nothing happens. I have sound but no video.

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