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Pinned: Blue Screen Or System Reboot When Adding Movies To Mydvd



Hello; :):D:huh:


In the Topic Roxio has posted the following:


"Pinned: Blue Screen Or System Reboot When Adding Movies To Mydvd"


But everybody knows that this is not the solution, my question is; What ROXIO is wating to remove this message or come with the real solution to the problem?


And here comes some answers, Hey, it's working for some people. Yes you are right for "some" people but not to everybody.


We, as costumers we are wating for a responsable answer to this problem, or at least be a profesional and admit there is a problem with the product and post it so everybody knows what to expect and dont lose hope and serenity with this "company".


And here comes the other answers; "This is not the forum to post this argument because ROXIO does not read it." Exactly they dont read it, they don't care, but since they don't answer the phone and does not have an email to contact them, this forum is the only place were the user and the costumers who pay their bills has to express them self.


If they they already solve this problem I'm not aware of it and please discard this post.



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