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Cineplayer problem



My computer recently crashed so I had a tech guy wipe the system so I could start all over. However, in the process, the DVD Decoder got erased, too, which made me completely incapable of playing DVDs. Because of this, I purchased Cineplayer because it was the cheapest legitimate thing I found. Now my computer plays DVDs through Windows Media Player, but each one I have tried the video and audio have skipped and jerked to the point that they are unwatchable. I turned the video acceleration down, and then off, I turned down my screen resolution, I played the commercial DVDs in and out of full screen, and nothing seems to help. I even checked Task Manager to see if something was running in the background and slowing things down, but that's not the problem, either. Also, video streamed off the internet plays just fine.


My system has a 1.5 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM, and it never had problems playing DVDs before.


Anyone have any suggestions? There are no other DVD decoders/players on the system. All I have is Cineplayer/Windows Media Player.


Thanks for your help.

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What exact product did you purchase?


Read this article and see if it applies:




or perhaps this article:




Your PC is considered low end by today's standards. You might want to consider a new PC.


You might try defragging the hard drive. Did your "tech guy" apply all the MS updates including Directx? Did your "tech guy" also install any new software?

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