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Recognizes wrong burner model...



I upgraded to toast 10 a while ago, but it recognizes my external burner as a Sony DVD RW DRU-710A Internal burner, but I own a DRX-710UL External. Because of this, I always get an error that says "The Disc Could Not Be Written." However, I have no problem using it to burn CD's. (That doesn't help me, because thats what is inside of my Macbook) I don't have any software to go with the burner, I got it from a friend who was going to throw it out.




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Toast recognizes any disc burning drive that is in or connected to your Mac. If you click on the drive's description at the bottom of the main window Toast selects the next available drive. When Toast quits it remembers the last drive that was selected when you quit.

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I realize this, however, it doesn't solve my problem. The problem is that Toast recognizes the drive as something its not. Its not as if it isn't recognized at all.

Toast reports the model of the drive that is inside the external case. For example, my LaCie external drive is described by Toast as a NEC DVD RW connected via Firewire. So maybe that's why there's a difference with how Toast describes your drive. In Apple's System Profiler it is reported as a LaCie drive when I click Firewire but is reported as a NEC drive when I click Disc Burning. You might check System Profiler to see what it says.


Also, if you choose Recorder Settings in Toast's Recorder menu and then click the button at the top of that window that has the name of your drive you'll get a report on what Toast recognizes about the drive including support for burning different kinds of media.


It didn't make sense to me that Toast is seeing your external drive as being internal. It should be described as being USB.


As for the problem writing discs you might check if a firmware update is available for the drive. If so, it will require connecting the drive to a PC to update its firmware.

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