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do you need blu-ray to read data copied to blu-ray?



In Toast 10,


In "Data"


Under "Mac & PC"


I added 36 GB of .mov files to two spanned discs for PC and Mac, meant to be accessed like data. Everything seemed fine; Toast prompted me to put in disc #2 (25GB each Blu-ray so had to span) and they copied and verified fine. Then we tried to read the Blu-ray disc in a PC and in a Mac, and both computers popped the discs out.


Question: Can you only read Blu-ray DVD data discs from a Blu-ray type drive? Toast does not indicate that anywhere. They do mention that computer users do not even need Toast to read the data.


Anyone know why our computers pop the discs out? Thanks!

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Yes, a drive with Blu-Ray read capability is needed to read Blu-Ray discs. Standard DVD drives cannot read them.



That blue laser thing, yes. I was fantasizing it did not apply to data somehow. So the beautiful bigness of BR is only good if you got the blu laser to read it. I do, but so much for ubiquitous file sharing. Still enjoying Toast 10 though.

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