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Editing background noise



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I'm trying to take out some background wind noise. Is this possible and how would I do it? I have Roxio Creator 2009. Please help if you can. :huh:


Assuming you already tried cleaning up the audio in Video Wave....


Use Sound Soap if you have it (Ultimate edition); Use Sound Editor if you don't. If that isn't good enough then... Gold Wave is good for this. They have a lenient trial period and will remove most of the noise.


With Sound Soap, add the AVI file (won't handle mpg2) and then save the file as an audio file. Go back to Video Wave, mute the native track and add that saved file to any of the other audio tracks..


In Sound Editor, again extract the audio as a wav file, clean it up and add it back on any of the audio tracks other than the native track.


Just follow the instruction in Gold Wave with the extracted audio file.


Just remember if the wind noise overrides what you want to hear, no consumer program will restore audio that was not capture.


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