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ok i am p***ed

MidNight Rider


i am trying so hard to convert my videos from my sharp cam corder to dvd. so i spend $60 on Roxio software and hardware. tried that and got a proteced signal everytime after minutes of recording. i was told, from here that my version of roxio creator DE was not compatible. so i bought Roxio creator 2009. installed it and hooked up my cam corder and low and behold 1 minute after recording, signal protected :angry: , this is bull crap :angry::angry::angry::angry: , $100 later and still the same crap. is there anything out there besides roxio that will do this with 100% satisfation?

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Have you looked in the Creator 2009 Audio Video Capture and Output forum for a solution to your problem?


That would be a much better place for your post than the Roxio General [nothing to do with DVD burning] forum. :)

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ok, i have a dell pc that came with Roxio creator DE, i purchase the Roxio converter hardware that allows you to hook up to your TV, VCR or camcorder. now, i installed the software for the USB cables, i plugged in my camcorder and and open the software and start the process of copying my videos to my pc. after about 15 seconds to 2 minutes i get a "signal blocked" and the recording stops. i check my connections, i am not surfing the net or using the pc during this process. i am watching these 15 year old videos and making sure that things are going good. now, i come to this board and post my problem about a month ago, i was told that i have a low rent version of Roxio and i needed to purchase Roxio creator 2009. so i saved up my funds and purchased 2009. so i install Roxio creator 2009 and start the process over again using the capture video. i got a good 3 minutes out of it this time and got the "protected signal". i closed the program down and started it again and got 45 seconds out of it this time. i tried changing the recording speed but that does not work. i should have done more background work on this and just took the tapes to a dealer and paid to have it done, atleast i know that my $100 would have been spent well and with less frustration. i hope that this is enough details, i mean it is a pretty much plug and play atlest that is what Roxio says.

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Like pulling teeth… :lol:


OK, the Dell 10.2 DE has absolutely no Video capability so it is irrelevant to any discussion of this problem…


You have Creator 2009. Have you updated it to SP4? Please look in Help – About to confirm that SP4 is listed???


I can only take a wild guess on the capture device. I guess it is Roxio Video Capture USB and not one of the other 2 that Roxio has offered through the years???


Now confirm this is just the USB Device and not the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD bundle… This is important because you cannot install C2009 and V2D on the same PC!


Have you looked through the How To thread about the USB Capture Device and matched the pictures of the Drivers to your system (important!)


Check & recheck these things!


What kind of camcorder?


Can you test the device with another RCA plug source like a TV or VCR???


Answer all this and with a little luck we should get that puppy running ;)

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