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Video distorted in preview and after burn



Hi, I have quicktime videos from my digital camera on my computer. When I add them to MYDVD project and push the preview button, the videos are skippy and the audio doesn't correlate with the picture. But when I watch them on my computer or if I create a plain data disc, they play perfectly. Why can't MYDVD recognize the videos correctly? I also wasted a new DVD by burning it anyways, thinking it would work out and it did the same thing when played back in a dvd player. I used this project a few months ago and created 1 successful dvd from the same kind of videos from the same camera. What could have changed? I did already install the Service Pack 4 update too. Please help thanks!

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Other than, Don’t Work, you are giving us nothing to work with… :lol:


You have to have the latest QuickTime Player installed in order to have the QT Codecs that it may need.


There is no guarantee that the .MOV file from your camera is a Standard QT file.


Jerky performance is normally seen from Video Cards and the PC so more info about those would help…


You have been at this a long time and shoudl know that if there is doubt, RW Disc! :glare:

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