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DVD Builder help needed ASAP

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I’m trying to burn a DVD of pictures (in JPEG format)for a preschool graduation party. I’m trying to use DVD Builder for this. I’m on WindowsXP. I’m on Easy CD&DVD 6 (Basic). I’m a little bit stupid when it comes to computers, but I followed the instructions in the Frequent Answers post. My drive identifier is Samsung CDRW/DVD SN-308B. Yesterday, I uninstalled Easy CD&DVD 5 to replace it with 6. I organized my slide show, and I can preview it on my computer. BTW, 5 worked just fine for me, but I couldn’t do the slideshow that I wanted to do. When I first had problems, I immediately installed all updates available on the site, making sure to dl the ones for 6 Basic (starting with Engine and then DVD Builder).


Here’s where the problems start…I click the burn button, and the little window pops up that I SHOULD be able to adjust things on, but I can’t do anything with any of the drop down menus. All the information in it is correct even though I can’t click it. It will only let me choose to Save Still Images to a Disc and Save Project as Image File on Hard Drive. When I click ok, an error message pops up that says, “There is no recordable media in the selected recorder.” I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling countless times. I’ve used roxiozap.


When I use the assistant, I consistently get a dialogue box that says, “Roxio Assistant ran successfully. Ret Code: TBL.” I’ve tried using the advice that I could find on the subject, but nothing seems to be helping. I’ve made sure that I’m using a DVD fresh out of the package. (No DVDs come formatted do they?) I’ve closed down drag to disc. I probably just need to go back and check a box or something, but I’m stumped. Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED.


If a solution is already posted, I’m sorry, but I can’t find it. Even a link to some help would be great. Blah.

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