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Most of my AVI files won't burn to DVD...



Hey all,


So here's my problem. I had Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 (a lite version that came with my drive). Was fairly happy with it - worked well for me for most things. Wanted a few features in the new version (for example, I think you can compress stuff more to fit on a disc), so I thought I'd upgrade.


Come to find out, now several AVI files I have will not burn to DVD in this version (XVID in one file's case). The previous version was able to import them fine, but not this one, and now most of the stuff I wanted it for can't be accessed. What can I do to fix this?



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Tried reinstalling the Xvid Codec but no joy so far... I'll keep playing with it tho'. Thanks. Any other suggestions welcome.

Are you getting an error message or lock up? When you browse to add the file, does it show up in the media selector or do you get a red circle? If so, try prefup

Also, you might try uninstalling the xvid codec, rebooting and try another one. There are some on the net that don't work. I'm sure you've been to xvid.org.

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