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Part of Song 2 Plays Under Song 1, 3 on 2, etc.

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I just bought RecordNow 10 Music Lab Premier and so far it's been nothing but grief. First it kept freezing. After several rounds of tech support, we finally figured out that something in my Startup menu was causing the problem. Okay, fine, we'll let that go.


I'm just trying to burn some g.d. mp3s onto a CD-R. So now it burns the songs to the disk okay but they are out of sync with the markers or whatever you call them between songs. In other words, when I play the CD (whether on a CD player or WinAmp or Media Player), song no. 1 plays to the end and song no. 2 begins. Then ABOUT 20 SECONDS LATER, the CD player shows that "song 2" is playing. Song 2 ends and song 3 begins. About 20 SECONDS LATER, the CD player reads it as song 3. And so on. What this means is that if I want to GO BACK to the beginning of song 2 by hitting the back button (or clicking it on media player), it will start playing, not at the beginning, but about 20 seconds into the song. The only way I can listen to the beginning of song 2, therefore, is to play song 1 all over again and get to the end. WTF!!!! :angry:


Any ideas on how to solve this one?

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