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ELP Laser Turntable


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Japanese company ELP, have devised a player that uses lasers to play your old records. The laser "stylus" reads the record grooves with light, therefore no groove contact and no wear, plus the unit features pure analog playback. Speaking of playback, audiophiles rejoice, as the ELP will play back your vinyl treasures with master tape quality. The only drawback is, it will set you back about $15,000 dollars US.



Why Vinyl Records? Why Not CDs?





First, I would like to tell you why ELP continues to promote the Laser Turntable (LT) in spite of the digital music revolution.


Today, many people still own vinyl records but run into similar difficulties:


(1) For sentimental reasons, people hold on to vinyl record collections. However, these collections can warp or break over time, and they can no longer be played on traditional needle-based turntables.

(2) Some prefer the sound of analog music, but are worried about damaging vinyl records further using a needle.


The LT is no-contact and no-wear; audio information is read using lasers. This preserves the audio on records that have never been played on a traditional turntable and protects those that have. Also, audio is reproduced with no digitalization, preserving the analog sound (please refer to the detailed information on our home page).


Through the use of new technology, it is our dream to make vinyl record playback problem-free. We also believe that new technology should have an additional purpose: to re-vitalize old products and prevent them from becoming obsolete. Music and sounds in vinyl records--an invention dating back to Mr. Edison's phonograph--should be maintained without any distortion and without wear or damage. Based on these beliefs and policies, ELP acquired the patent from the original developer, Finial Technology, and started promoting the LT in 1989. Since then ELP has resolved many technical and non-technical issues in the research and development of the LT.


ELP decided not only to operate its LT business for profit, but to adhere to this philosophy. Using this philosophy as our guideline, ELP has worked very hard and achieved a milestone in 2005 of 1,000 units sold. This means that only ELP, together with current LT users, is in a unique position to offer the opportunity for more people to enjoy vinyl records on the ELP Laser Turntable.

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