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MY uninstall issues



HI I had Creator 2009 installed and had problems with it so I uninstalled everything properly and now my burner in Vista 64bit will not install or be recognized it keeps giving me an error that it cannot find cdr4 driver which I know is not there because roxio is gone ,how can I use a vista driver now I've tried everything and worked on this 2 days now .Pls help Thks

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Drivers are usually called from the registry, which will have an entry naming the driver and its location in a list of drivers to be loaded. Your uninstall has left that entry in the registry, and that is why Windows keeps looking for it and complaining that the driver isn't there.


My registry has the entry C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\cdr4_xp.sys in the key


but your Vista64 may have something a little different.


Do a registry search for cdr4_xp.sys, and if you find an entry similar to mine in a driver list, that will be the one causing the problem. Export that key [just in case] and then delete the entry. That should stop the complaints.

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