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Color Wave Form



I have imported a few books on tape to create MP3 files to play on an ipod. I'm using the record audio function from EMC 7.5 Sound Editor.


In doing so and joining different clips, I've found that the color of the wave form of different clips is sometimes different. Mind you, it's a really a different shade of whatever the default wave color is. (In my case it's different shades of green.) These different shades seem to indicate different qualities of the sound transfer. Is that deliberate? If so, what does it mean? (I ask myself, if I got the colors to match, would the sound match?)


While I was wrestling with that, I used the EQ module. Is there a way to copy EQ settings so that you can apply the same setting to some (but not all) portions of my mix?


Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated.



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