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Popcorn 2 VS Toast Titanium



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What is the difference in burning a movie DVD on Toast Titanium and/or Popcorn 2???





Toast 7 includes the same DVD copy features that were part of Popcorn 1. This includes:

* Compress a 8.3 GB DVD source to fit onto a standard 4.7 GB blank

* Backup the entire DVD

* Extract just the main movie and primary audio


Popcorn 2 adds the following DVD copy features:

* Keep all movies but only primary audio (preserves menus, but reduces compression so higher quality)

* Custom video compilations - where you can choose the specific movie, language and subtitle information

* Preview option - to preview the video prior to copying

* DVD-ROM option - to include enhanced DVD-ROM content on the disc

* Support for multiple video of nearly all the same length (episodic)


In addition, Popcorn 2 adds all of the portable player support (iPod and PSP):

* Batch conversion of DVDs and individual DivX, MPEG and QuickTime files

* Support for MPEG, DivX and H.264 portable players

* Simplified quality presets

* Custom encoding settings


This table offers a nice summary of how Popcorn 2 stacks up to Popcorn 1.




The Toast 7 DVD backup features are closest to the ones listed in the Popcorn 1 column. Popcorn 2 adds major new featuers in the DVD backup area, and also a whole new section for portable player support.


It will appeal to Popcorn 1 users and Toast 7 users who want a dedicated application for device support.


An upgrade price is available for $30 (40% off) to both direct from Roxio.

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What is the difference in burning a movie DVD on Toast Titanium and/or Popcorn 2???




Did you read the descriptions of Popcorn 2 that start on this page:



Some things Popcorn 2 can do the same as Toast such as making duplicates of existing non-encyrpted DVDs. I find Popcorn 2 is easier to use than Toast 7 for exporting a video to a different format. Also, Popcorn 2 provides much greater control of what is included or excluded when making a copy of a ripped commercial DVD that has many titles, audio tracks and special features.


If you now use Toast for the things that Popcorn 2 does, you'll probably like using Popcorn 2 for that purpose rather than Toast 7 because of its simplicity. Also, Toast 7 requires you to extract MPEGs from VIDEO_TS folders or video DVDs using its Media Browser before it can convert the video to other formats. Popcorn 2 doesn't require that which is a big time saver.

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