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Tiny Picture!



I have some programs I downloaded & want to burn to a disc. Some of them, when burned to a DVD using Toast 9 Platinum, have a tiny picture when viewed on my TV (take up only about a fourth of the screen, in the upper left corner).


But the very same items, when burned to a DVD using iDVD on my Mac, have a normal sized picture that fills my TV screen! :blink:


Why is this happening? I would prefer to use Toast, as I prefer its menus to that of iDVD.

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It says:


Video: DivX 6.0, 640x368, 25 fps

Audio: MPEG Layer - 3 audio, stereo, 48000 hz

This is a PAL-format file. Are you creating a PAL DVD or NTSC DVD?


Place just that video file in the Toast Video window and choose Save as Disc Image. Toast will write a video and an audio file in the Roxio Converted Items folder as part of the process. Without quitting Toast, drag the .m2v file back to the Toast window. How does Toast describe its specs?


I'm still at a loss to understand the tiny picture so I'm hoping to get some clues from your testing.

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