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AVI Format



Hi All,

I been using Roxio 7 for a while and for the most part have been happy. I also use a program called Flipalbum which I also like a lot. I am using Flipalbum version 6 and I wanted to make an album for my daughter's graduation party. When I saved it in AVI format and exported it to Roxio, the pages will not flip correctly. Here is an example of what I mean http://www.creationsanew.com/album0.jpg. As you can see the left side is flat like it is supposed to be but the right side is up and distorted. I then tried to export it to MPEG format. This works fine but the AVI format has better quality and I would love to get it to work. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much!!!

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I tried it in Windows Movie Player but had the same problem though I did not burn it to a DVD. With Windows Media player, the preview looks good but when I try to burn it, I receive an error message. As far as using Roxio, I did burn it and it looks like it did in the preview.


I am exporting to mpeg2.


I am happy with the quality of the DVD expect for the text. Most of it is hard to read.



Thanks for the help! Much Appreciated!

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Guest mlpasley

I have no experience with that program, but here are a couple of things to try.


See if the AVI is playing correctly in something like Windows Media Player.


Try burning the production to a DVD RW and see if it's a preview problem or a problem with the final production.


Are you exporting to mpeg1 or mpeg2?


And finally, your AVI file is going to be rendered to MPEG2 because that is the format for a DVD. Your DVD will be of slightly less quality than an AVI file, but if you pick 'best' quality, you'll get a good DVD.

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