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Menu Button Order



When I create a project in mydvd, the menu buttons do not work in order and do not function as expected. When viewing a menu, then press down on control and it will skip some buttons. Some buttons require pushing 'left' or 'right' instead of 'up' or 'down' and for no apparent reason.

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Other have posted that the order doesn't make sense, but I haven't run into this myself. Most of templates (at least on my machine) seem to work VISUALLY. For example:

1 2 3

4 5 6


To go from 1 to 4, press the down button, etc.


You would think that would be the way it should work, but even after I have it auto-arrange it still skips some selections and makes no sense as to how to access other buttons. This product overall seems like Roxio just threw something out there and they don't really worry about any problems people might have. I have tried arranging them into all sorts of different arrangements and it is a hit and miss ordeal.

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Don't know what to tell you. It works as expected for me.

I am having a simialar issue. The menus are arranged properly, play is out of sequence. If you look at the "time line" below, it is arranged as the DVD plays (not as the menu appears). I can't figure out how to edit the entire productioon time line, so the DVD will play as the menus are arranged.


I hate to start over again!! (& again, & again!)


Would appreciate any advise!

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