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Toast 5 & 7



Although i have wriiten data to CDs using MAC/PC hybrib format I can only see all the sessions on a PC. When I view the CD on iMAC running Toast 5 or Macbook running Toast7, the all I get is the last file/session, although all the sessions and Tracks are visible if I use Recorder/Disc Info. However, the previous sessions are labelled 'TAO'. I can't find anything in help that explains why I can't se the sessions or what TAO means.

Can anyone throw some light on this, please?

Many thanks

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Were all the sessions burned with either Toast 5 or with Toast 7 or did you later add sessions with Toast 7 to a Toast 5-burned disc?

Thanks for your reply.

Everything done so far with Toast5. (I have only just acquired Toast 7 today to put on the new Macbook). I have just come to my work PC and I can still see all the past sessions. They appear like they would on a hard disk, just a bunch of files. As I said the Macs just seem only to be able to see the last file I added

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