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ISO 9660 format with empty folders



Is EMC 7.5 (Creator Classic) capable of burning empty folders (directory structures) to CD / DVD?


We need to generate ISO 9660 (with 30 character filenames) format CDs that include a whole directory structure ... regardless whether or not a sub-folder contains any files.


This worked fine with the Easy CD Creator 6.x application ... but EMC 7.5 is automatically removing "empty" folders from the Data Disc Project list.


Is there an option or setting that we can change to allow us to drag 'n drop entire directory structures (both populated & empty)?


Does EMC 8.x resolve this "issue" / "feature"?


Thanks, Todd

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Empty Folders:


It does not work in V7 but there is a workaround. If you add New Folders within your project and rename, it will work.


It does work in V8 and if you still have V6, you could install Classic using Custom Install.



I am trying to copy down empty folders from a directory, but when I look at my list of folders to be burned, they are not there? At what point would I be renaming them if they do not appear in the list of folders to be burned?

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You have to add new folder within Classic, in the Project pane. Then rename them in Classic.


It will not add an empty folder so this is the only workaround to get them in there.



Thank you for your quick response. Do you know if this problem is resolved in the latest version of Roxio, I think its version 9.0?

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