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Date Taken tag in Photosuite

Admiral Bob


I've just upgraded from Creator 7.5 under Windows XP to Creator 2009 Ultimate under Vista Premium on a new PC.

In 7.5 when I edited a photo in Photosuite, the Date Modified tag was updated, but the Date Taken tag still showed when I took the photo on my camera.

Now when I edit the photo, the Date Taken tag is updated to show when I edited it, so I have lost the original date taken information. Tech Support seem to be telling me this is how it's designed, but I guess I don't understand why it should have changed in this way - it seems daft. Can anyone explain?

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Most odd…


I was going to check my EMC 7.5 but I didn’t install PhotoSuite on that PC :lol:


It is pretty obvious in this example I did because they didn’t use Date Pic Taken in the original files.



I don’t see how anyone could possibly twist the language enough to think that Date Picture Taken really means Date Modified!!!


I’ll turn it in but doubt is will ever see the light of day…


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