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Merge multiple accounts



Hello everyone and thanks for reading my post. I own Roxio Products for quite some time now, all the way back to CD Creator 4 and now use CD creator 7.5. During this time I have forgotten registration details and simply created new registration details to facilitate updates. I have reformatted my machine many times over the years and reinstalled/registered, ect all my software, blah,blah,blah. I soon learned how confusing this can be so I would like to merge these accounts under my original (which I found in my junk drawer) and register all my Roxio Pruducts under this original account. How do I do that?

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submit a ticket at http://selfserve.roxio.com/ and give details about the different e-mail addresses you used... someone should be able to help you with your account...



Thank you for your response Ivanatrox, but the link you provided takes me to the Self-Help Web support and it will not accept my login, (incorrect password) I have updated my profile and my password and it still will not let me in.

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1) The e-mail sent after registration does not include a support code or any information clearly labeled as such

2) Using all the resources dedicated to customers support is a great way to lose a lot of time hooping around to be back at the begining over and over unless you realy want to give a call, during open hours

3) Call number is not mentioned to be free or not


That could be a nice idea to copy what other companies are doing by simply offering a form to file a request for the sales department.

I spent too much time getting here for a matter that looks so simple. I give up

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