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I'm trying to learn how to create slideshows and add audio. I imported my pictures, then clicked on 'add audio' and imported the file I wanted. When I clicked on the 'preview' button I got an error message that said "failed to analyze files," whatever that means. The entire program froze, it wouldn't allow me to exit thr program, clikc 'next,' or do anything. The only way I could go on was to shut down my computer completely, which meant losing everything I had created. Then, when I tried to restart my computer, it wouldn't restart properly. Windows insisted I run the repair program. Can anyone tell me what happened, and how to avoid that in the future? Thanks......

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What Roxio program are you running ? [program name]

What suite is it in? [suite name and version number, please]


What type of audio file did you try to import?



I'm using Easy CD and DVD Burning, version 9.0.554.....very basic, I assume. I'm tryingto import a .wav file. The program is said to be compatible with Vista, which is what my computer has.

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Before we get going, in Vista you should be able to quit a program which has frozen, without having to nuke the whole computer.


If a program freezes, simultaneously press the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys, and after giving Vista permission to continue, select the Task Manager. There in the Applications window you should see the program which has frozen. Select it, and End the task, and that should drop the frozen program. It will also drop any project you are building, but it shouldn't mess up your computer.



Now, I guess you're running the Slideshow Assistant. I've just installed 9.0.554 again, but can't get that error when I use JPG files as the photos and WAV files as the background audio.


That error didn't mention the audio files, so we need to rule out problems with your pictures.

[1] Can you reload just the pictures and try a preview please?


If the pictures go through okay, it might be the type of WAV files you're using. I'm not the audio Guru but I can get him on the case if you can do a couple more tests for me.

[2] Try with an MP3 file.

[3] Try a WAV file from another source. There are a lot of WAV files in the \Windows\Media folder in Vista which you could try. They're the system sounds which you hear when you do things in Vista.


If both of those tests work, then it's odds-on that you have an odd-ball type of WAV file that the Roxio program doesn't like.


Please try

[1] same pictures, no audio

[2] MP3

[3] WAV from elsewhere

-and then get back to me.




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