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Playback Issues



I am now experiencing the same problem with playback - a problem I did not previosuly have.


I use Easy Creator 9's VideoWave to create, edit and burn a DVD production. You can see on the DVD tht a burn has taken place. All is well until I go to play the completed DVD.


The menu appears on TV screen then I select Play. The DVD production starts but all I get is a black screen. The soundtrack plays correctly.


The only change I can think of is that I am trying to create a widescreen version rather than the 4:3. Any suggestions?

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rhuck: Do you have Creator 2009 or EMC 9, which you indicated? They are completely different programs.


VideoWave cannot burn anything. It is an Editor and you go to MyDVD or MyDVD Express which is a DVD Movie Authoring program.


16:9 or 4:3 will make absolutely no difference whatsoever. The two can be mixed and scrambled and will still come out OK.


Can you play this DVD in your PC with CinePlayer???


Often the burn is fine but the Player is finicy and won’t play ‘dash’ media or maybe it balks on ‘plus’ media. Cheap media is the most expensive to use… One or 2 failed discs and your savings is gone.


Most who do much of this stuff only use Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden.


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My software is all from the EMC9 Suite. The editing takes place with VideoWave9 and the burning with MyDVD Express. I tried saving the production as a video file under various formats and the same problem occurs during playback (with either CinePLayer or as a DVD)- visible menue, black screen and apparently proper audio. This leads me to think that the DVD burning is not the problem, but the encoding. A re-install of ECM9 did not resolve the problem. Any suggestions?

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