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random clips will not import from camera

snuba Kauai


I usually have a number of clips that I import from a sony hdr-xr200. Most import just fine but frequently there are a couple that will not import even though they play just fine on the camera. I can import the clip using sony's PMB program but it will not convert when I try to import it into videowave. The clip will show zeros in the attributes. Anything I should try?



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“Import” is the keyword here… It is a HDD camcorder, so you don’t import!


You use Windows Explorer and Copy the files onto your PC’s HDD…


I am curious about their file structure. I have a small Memory Stick model and when I read the card, I see the MP4 files as well as a little THM files.


This THM is something like a Project file for the camcorders playback and is of no use to us. (I delete them after I copy them to my PC)



There is also the DCIM\101MSDCF folder and it contains the still JPG pictures.


Give that a try, don’t delete anything until you are sure I am not leading you astray :lol:


Let us know how that works out for you???

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Roxio has the program listed as "media import" but I guess "file transfer" might be more accurate for the camera.

I opened windows explorer and the files are listed under AVCHD with the subfolder BDMV and the sub of that had three files: "clip info" with a .cpi extention (all 122 files) , "playlist", (one file) with .mpi, and "stream" (all 122 files) with .mts. I can't seem to transfer file 74 to use in videowave. It does transfer to the computer using the Sony PMB program.


When I next bring a file from the sony program to videowave, I get a "convert to editable file" prompt and it will work with the other files. But when I try to convert this particular file, I get a "one or more files cannot be edited and will not import" message. I am not sure why the difference.

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Thank you for the information!


Roxio converting to a Proxy file for editing is normal and pretty common among editors.


Sounds as though you are getting the same results no matter which way you do it. – I would say then as far as getting the files from camcorder to PC, us the method you are comfortable with.


The one file (it is just One?) sounds corrupted??? How long is it, if you know? Can you play it anywhere, such as through the camcorder playback?


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