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Signal Loss



Something else is going on here. I have the same problem but just for a portion of a tape. I've already done 3 VCR tapes and now on the 4th tape and only on the portion I want to copy I've lost signal. Then once it is past that portion of the tape signal comes back!

The portion of tape is from a baby ultrasound and is black and white and created by the ultrasound machine more than 20 years ago. Happy with the product otherwise, but this is stumping me.

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That ‘kid’ in the ultrasound should be in collage now :lol:


You do have the SP2 for V2D applied, correct?


Do you have any way to record that tape onto another VCR/DVD/camcorder/anything???


It just may be too weak in that portion to be seen as a viable signal but by re-recording it may pass the muster.


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Not the same problem as the thread you hijacked. The poster there could get no signal, period.


I don't know why yours won't capture the one area of the tape. If that portion isn't right at the beginning of the tape, start capturing about a minute before that portion, and see if it will keep running through, to a point past that portion.


Is there a portion of the tape that is blank, prior to the portion that you want to copy?

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