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Recording Level Easy VHS to DVD



I am using a component Sony tape player and listening with earphones attached to the tape player. There is sound coming from the tape to the computer. :)


I was able to digitize 35 individual songs and saw the recording level vary with each one of them. All was going well until I clicked "Auto" level detection" by mistake during one of the songs-- (It finished the auto level detection) I then restarted that song to record it. At that point, I did not see the recording level change while it recorded and at the end of the recording, I replayed ithe song but there was nothing recorded. I was able to finish the project (Pre-auto detection) with the first 35 songs and they were reproduced beautifully. :)


However, I started another project, I still did not see any change in the recording level and still do not hear any volumes from what it has recorded. :huh:


Please instruct me how to get this working properly again. :huh::blink:


Thank you,






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I did some testing today with a setup in both XP and Vista and could not reproduce this…


My XP test PC is a woefully inadequate 10 year old PC. But it worked without a bump.


Try the reboot and let us know.



Did the reboot; it still did not work. So, I did an uninstall then reinstall. Problem is, it hung up 2/3 through and would not continue to install.

Went to the control panel to see if it was showing up there and it wasn't. Went to windows explorer and it didn't appear there. Went to search and it found it ...but when I insert the dvd into the drive it doesn't appear at all on the drive...


Went to add/remove programs to attempt to add it from there and it doesn't even see the dvd in the drive.


Now what? Clean out the files and start over?...tell me how.


Just so you know, I'm running windows xp, media center edition, version 2002, service pack 3; 3.20Ghz, 1.0 gb ram


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