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Read Track facility



Now you'll have to forgive my vagueness but a few weeks ago I tried to do something and then didn't have time to finish it, so I'm trying to remember what I did.


I have a RW CD with some data on it that my present PC can't read, it states it is ".. not accessable. Incorrect function". I recorded onto it with my old PC and I usually set the CDs to be read by any PC. So I decided to use the Disc and Device utility in EMC 7, and it could see that there was some data on it, but now I get a bit vague. I'm pretty sure that then the 'Read Track' at the bottom of the window was usably (it isn't now for this CD) and I clicked on that. Whatever it was I clicked, it spent some considerable time doing something untill eventually I ended up with a document on my hard drive titled 'Track01./SO'. When I click on that, Roxio Disc Copier opens, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do.


In the Source section this 'Track01./SO' is selected from my hard drive and I presumed I was to put a clean CD in and click Burn and then I would have the information from that CD that my present PC can't read. But when I did that there was an immediate error stating ""Invalid parameter". [0x00000004]". Does anyone know what's going on here or is this information too vague?


(I've had this DVD/CD recorder for a while now and I must state it is not very user friendly. It seems to require endless study and I just don't have the time at work so consequently I haven't been using it, not for DVDs anyway).

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