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Receiving Error Message During Burn



Using VHS2DVD. Have successfully burned quite a few DVDs using DVD-R disks, But I have had the following happen twice when trying to burn to a DVD+R DL (double layer) disk.


Latest case... the captured program was a 2H 6M TV movie. I captured it with the SP quality setting. Capture went fine, as did editing ( to cut out commercials and add chapters at 5 min intervals.


Then went to MyDVD and started the burn to a DVD+R DL. The indicator in MyDVD at the bottom indicated it would burn to the DL at near to HQ quality level in Fit to Disk mode. Burn seemed to go well until the step of Burning Image started at about the 97% complete on the progress bar on the Burn Project screen.


At that point I got the following message...

"Failed to start image writing operation. Error while burning image. 80004003 error while abortng."


The was no way out at this point and the disk was unuseable. (Nero Toolkit later said the disk was "Open.")


Same thing happened a while ago with a 3Hr TV movie.


What is this error message? Can VHS2DVD handle DVD+R DL disks?



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Thanks for reply. I have not tried ISO first followed by a DL burn, Are you suggesting capture the video first in iso mode with Easy vhs2dvd, then burn to a DL using IMGBURN? I tried that with a file that I thought was too long for a 4.7 DVD+R, (2H 6M)but when it converted to ISO, ImgBurn put it on a 4.7G disk no problem.


I am trying to use TDK DL media.


The burner works well on other burns with DVD-R and DVD_RW. Just trying to find out whether DL media will allow me to make longer disks, like TV documentaries etc. I cannot locate a source to update the firmware for my burner. (See sig). Have a question pending to HP on that.



1. Have you tried doing a .ISO first and then burning the ISO to DL?

2. What brand of DL media are you using?

3. If the issue is related to only DL media, the cause lies in either the burner or the media itself.


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Yes you will have to use IMG Burn or something similar. V2D contains no provision to burn an ISO to disc. At least they still gave us the ability to make an ISO :huh:


Approximant time available is:


HQ = 1:06

SP = 1:37

LP = 2:22

ELP = 3:04


8.5 Gb:

HQ = 2:00

SP = 2:57

LP = 4:19

ELP = 5:35


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