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3D checkerboard BD-DVD



I am experimenting with 3D video. I have generated 1920x1080 .mov file with l/r in checkerboard pattern as required by DLP tv's. I would like to burn this stream on BD-DVD and play it back on PS-3. Toast appears to do some conversion so that perfect checkerboard images in look like something with interlacing problem, and it is of course not working. Is there a Toast setting which would generate disc playable on PS-3, which would leave the checkerboard pattern alone. I think it is trying to compress it, which messes the checkerboard pattern on the disc. The disc should be 1920x1080x50i/p. Thanks.

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Roxio's "Customer Service" made me rally angry. I asked the same question as I asked on this forum and they told me to read the manual! This is the worst I encountered to date.


Here is the quote:



795115 Status

Open Date

9/9/2009 Issue Description

Technical Support | Toast 10 | How-to/Usability


WebTicket 9/9/2009


You told me absolutelly NOTHING! Did you even read my input? This is totally NO SUPPORT at ALL! I will have to post this unless you get serious!



abaird 9/9/2009


Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care




The user manual for all Toast products are located on the installation disc/downloaded .dmg file in the Documentation folder.




If the information provided does not resolve your issue simply update your webticket with a detailed explanation with the steps you have tried and any error messages you receive.








Roxio Customer Care






We are always looking for ways to improve so please click on the link below to complete our online support survey.






Thank you for your comments and we appreciate the feedback




WebTicket 9/9/2009


I am trying to burn a BD from files form FCE, containing 3D video for DLP TV. This contains a checkerboard pattern of both left and right eye images on each frame. This alternate pattern must then be delivered to the TV exactly pixel aligned, without any scaling, filtering or otherwise distorting the indifidual neighboring pixels. I tried to do so with the Toast 10 HD plugin, but have had no luck. I can output AIC, MP4 or h.264 out of the FCE at 1920x1080 and need to have the same, pixel aligned pattern from my PS-3 over HDMI to the DLP TV. Is there a setting in Toast I can use that will enable me that? I don't mind if I have MPEG-2 or AVCHD output, as long as the pixels are exactly what I had in FCE at 1920x1080. I also cannot deal with 3:2 pulldown.


Thank you,


Pavel Houda




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