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CD Spin Doctor 6 no longer launches



I have somehow gone from using CDSD6 on a sporadic basis with little trouble to suddenly getting "Toast 10 Titanium or later Required" which is of course the package I have. Nothing I am aware of has changed in the meantime, least of all file or folder names. This happens when launching from Spotlight or the Extras menu of Toast 10.


The same appears to be true of the other bundled applications. I've tried to delete all the library files I could find under Toast or Roxio but apparently this was not enough as upon re-running toast it still knew my registration details. I've run the permissions repair, this found nothing new to fix.


All I can imagine has happened in the meantime is I turned off FileVault, and back on again which I do on a semi-regular basis anyway, to no effect before.


Could someone please tell me perhaps how to delete EVERYTHING Toast 10 Titanium installs into the Library because clearly I missed something. That or how to fix this!


Thanks for any help

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I was also getting the error saying "this application requires Toast Titanium 10 or later. The application will now quit." I followed the instructions above - removing roxio files from both the system>library>preferences and the use>library>preferences directories. And of course I deleted the apps themselves. And I repaired disk permissions. However, I was still getting the error after doing a clean re-install of the Toast application and the related apps. But once I quit the Toast application, then launched CD Spin Doctor directly (double-clicking on the icon for CD Spin Doctor in the applications>Toast Titanium 10 directory) the error message no longer appeared.


So, if you're having this error after a clean install of Toast 10, Try launching Toast, then quitting the app, then launching CD Spin Doctor from the applications directory, rather than from within Toast. It seems that the first time Toast 10 quits, it updates information somewhere, and CD Spin Doctor looks for that info, and refuses to launch unless it finds it. Good luck!

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