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MP3 Burning Issue



When I burn multiple folders, all the MP3's in each folder have a 2 second gap between them. It's really annoying to listen to an album that blends all the tracks together. How do I get rid of this? There isn't an option to remove it. I hope someone has the secret that obviously I don't know.


Thanks in advance!



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The gap between MP3s depends entirely on your player. It has nothing to do with the way they are burned to disc. The issue of gaps/no gaps when writing a disc occurs only when you're writing it as CD Audio.


The only thing I can think of is putting all your MP3 into an editor, and writing them out to a single, gapless MP3. However that isn't a good idea because the tracks are likely to be expanded for editing, and then lose fidelity each time they are compressed down to MP3.

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