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re:roxio easy VHS to DVD



Good day all:

I purchased the easy BHS to DVD from a retail store frist off.

When I go to install and from reading the instructions which state that if I already have creator 2009 (which I do) to go the http://www.roxio.com/go/videousb

It seems that when I do this I only get sent to a forum page. I cannot install the VHS to DVD without the proper driver. I really need help with this. any and all would be greatly appreciated.


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NO, you cannot install V2D on your PC under any circumstances!!!!!!!


Your link takes me to a download for the driver you will need to make the Roxio Capture USB device work with the Creator 2009 you already have.


V2D is a cut down version of 2009. Kind of like installing MS Works on a PC that already has MS Office Ultimate 2007… Only in this case, it will render 2009 useless.


You didn’t need the V2D bundle, all you needed was the Capture device. But for the extra $20 hang on to the disc you may want to use it on another PC. – Or you could take it back to where you purchased it if they will do a refund.

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