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No control window is displayed. -- LONG



I recently upgraded my SONY laptop to Vista Ultimate. I had been testing EV2D on Vista Home Premium

supplied by SONY. EV2D did run on Vista Home Premium. I upgraded to Vista Ultimate to see how the

"Ultimate" system behaves.


Today, I chatted with Roxio support. They sent me to the clean install page for Creator 2009. I am using

EMC9 SE, EMC10 full edition, and EV2D. I went through the entire process, removing all Roxio products

using the Programs control panel; using regedit to remove all references to Roxio, etc.; and then deleting

the suggested files and directories. All of this with the startup programs disabled and N360 "permanently"



I then reinstalled EMC9 Home SE from the SONY VAIO Recovery center. Next I installed EMC10 from the

Roxio store. I installed the update, and the Roxio Video Capture USB for Creator 2009. Next I installed

EMC10.1 from the download. I can then see the video from the RVCUSB device using EMC10 Video

Import. So it appears that the driver and the signals from the VCR are being seen at the program level.


I now installed EV2D and EV2DSP2. When I started EV2D the Roxio logo appears, followed by the registration window. I completed the registration window. The registration window is replaced

by what I am calling the control window. As I remember the window is similar to the preview window in

EMC Video Import with more control buttons.


What actually appears is a transparent window that does not clean up as it is moved. The border icons

(Minimize, maximize, close) are displayed. The drop down menu is available. There is a frame that is

labeled "Support" and has three of the FAQ titles displayed. These are selectable and a browser window

is created with the appropriate information. Any windows displayed after this EV2D window are seen after

closing the new window. Minimizing the EV2D window will clean things up until another window is displayed.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Well first, V2D will run on any and all versions of XP, Vista & Win7!!!


So from the outset that tells me there were some issues with your PC before any of this started…


As for all of the other version you are putting on there… Think about it, why are you filling your HDD with outdated programs? Why not just move on??? A leaner cleaner machine always works better.


Now I suggest this… Install EMC 10. Download and install the V2D driver for the Capture device and forget V2D… EMC 10 is a full version whereas V2D is a cut down version of Creator 2009.


Clean Install the EMC 10 – Vista

Download and install the driver – Driver

Plug in the device and your in business!


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