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Just purchased Creator 2009 - but adding hidef video to videowave locks it up



Over the last year I have edited Hi-Def video on my PC using both Easy Media Creator 9 and Adobe Premier Elements 4. I prefered eidting the video in EMC9's video wave, but it crashed a lot. PE4 works well but the playback was very choppy.


So when I saw Creator 9 on sale this week, and it said it was advertised as faster, had multicore support, and supported mpeg2-ts, avc h.264, avchd, I thought this would be the thing I needed - a version of VideoWave that works better with the same files I used in EMC9.


Unfortunately, when ever I try and add a video file into a VideoWave products it hangs forever. Why would files I can edit in EMC9 and PE4 not work in the much improved and much newer Creator 2009? (even with c9's sp4)


Additional info: The files I need to edit can come in three version - all have the same result in c9 - .m2ts, .ts and .wmv - captured using HD PVR model 1212. The files I am trying now are half the size of the files I have edited previosly in EMC9 sucessfuly (albeit after many crashes)


Help - BestBuy will not take opened software back, and I hate to flush my money down the drain - after four years you have to have made your software better - not worse.... :huh:



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The product is called Creator 2009. Please call it that so you post doesn’t get moved to the EMC 9 of years ago…


If these are the very same files you used before, then your install did not complete properly…


You need to do a Clean Install, print it out so you miss anything.



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