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Does the Blu-Ray Playback Plug-in Integrate Into Media Center?



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Blueray format is supported in Vista and Win7, but you would still need software to play it like Windows Media Player or Cineplayer. I am not aware if Media Center in Vista or Win7 supports Blueray, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did.


WinXP requires a special driver.

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Okay, I guess I didn't make my question clear. Sorry for the confusion.


I do realize that the plug-in is specifically for CinePlayer. To be more accurate I should have asked if CinePlayer itself has a plug-in that supports Windows Media Center. For example, there are several other DVD / Blu-ray players on the market that provide a plug-in for Windows Media Center. This allows you to launch their player from within the Media Center UI - you never have to see the Windows Desktop to launch their application. Also, when you exit their app, you are dropped right back into Media Center again.


For example, I have a Windows system running Media Center that launches Media Center at startup. I never have to see the Windows Desktop or use a keyboard to access TV, my program guide, music, videos, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, etc. Everything I do is simply done via the remote control. In other words, this is used as a home theatre appliance much like a TiVo.


So my question then is simply this: Does CinePlayer provide a plug-in for Media Center that integrates CinePlayer into the Windows Media Center Experience / UI? If it does, does the Blu-ray player add-on support this capability as well for Blu-Ray playback?





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Found a stop-gap solution as it is called if you would want to try for Vista MCE ;) However, you will still require a software player that support BD playback.


Wow, that's some pretty old information. :D The latest version of the very product you reference in the Stop-gap resolution now has a new version that has direct Media Center support via a plug-in. You can launch their App by going the usual start / all programs route but it also adds an option now directly into Media Center for DVD and Blu-ray disc playback.


Thanks for suggestions, however.



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