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Combining AVI files with videowave



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I tried combining 9 avi files into one avi and the product ended up being 36GB. Where did the extra 35.3GB come from!? Is there a way to simply combine avi files without creating such a monstrosity? How useless.... :angry:


Well, you didn't supply much info, so hard to be sure why. My guess is that your source files are something like divx or Xvid (highly compressed format) and you output them as DV-AVI which is an un-compressed format. 36gb for DV-AVI would not be unusual.

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Hello Kamerynn,


AVI files are container files that have been filled with compressed video. A decompressor must used to un-squash them as they play.

DVDs are made from uncompressed video, and don't need a decompressor to play them.


Typically, with AVI it's possible to get quite a good video output from a 4.7 GB DVD that has been squashed down to 700 MB, so that's a common degree of compression.


If you are turning your AVI files back into DVD-Video, then they will be decompressed back to their full original size. This is what has happened to your 9 AVIs which have popcorned back to 36 GB. This is not a Sonic thing, it's a matter of video standards set by international bodies.


There is no way to simply combine avi files unless they have identical properties, but I'm not sure what you'd do with a 4+ GB AVI file. It would be very hard to store and play.

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