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EMC 10 will not install under Vista Ultimate X64


After installing Roxio10 on my 'new' Vista Ultimate (X64) PC, I immediately began having problems with 'importing' any video formats when using MyDVD and most all other aspects of video conversion. As is the case with so many others, I got the error message: "R6025 Runtime error. Pure Virtual function call".

In an attempt to 'fix' this, I found and followed the instructions that were suggested by others on the 'Roxio Community users forum' wherein I un-installed and re-installed (which did not help), so (as was suggested) I installed DirectX 9 (also no help), so I un-installed and used the Microsoft Install Clean-up tool to remove all aspects of Roxio and all Sonic products (as recommended), and deleted all folders related to Roxio or Sonic in both the "Program Files' area and from within the 'Users' folder(s).

However, this also did not help after I'd re-installed EMC10 - for the third time...

So I've AGAIN performed all the instructions suggested in the article found in 'Roxio community forum' but now I have an entirely different problem...

When RE-installing EMC 10 it APPEARS that it is installing properly - but when it completes, there is no trace of EMC 10 on my PC.

After installation, there is no Roxio folder inside of "Program Files (x86)" and there are no folders in any of the "Users" folders either.... Roxio is NOT installed (!!?).

So - I have to ask...

How can I get Roxio 10 'back' so I can at least 'burn' the videos I already have created and that I need for my work?

All of my pre-existing videos have been stored on my hard disk in an "ISO" format so that I WAS able to 'burn' multiple copies, but now (without Roxio installed - and apparently unable to re-install) I'm unable to complete the tasks I've been paid to accomplish....

Roxio 10 had worked flawlessly when I was operating under Windows XP Pro, but Vista seems to be the 'death knell' for my Roxio 10 software...

And to be brutally honest about it, I'm not very 'motivated' to purchase a newer version of Roxio after this experience.... even if I CAN purchase an 'upgrade' package at a slightly reduced cost...

Can anyone help me with this problem? Or do I need to totally rebuild my PC again and reload ALL of Windows and all the other software I need...? I've already 'wasted' almost 15 hours in troubleshooting this problem and STILL have no Roxio to use on my PC....


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Have you tried step by step of this (Assuming some of the reg values are under wow3264 folder if you are on x64 system)


Uh - yep... (I guess I should've listed ALL the 'potential fixes' I've attempted with this - but then I'm not certain I can even REMEMBER how many things I've tried so far...).

I've even paid Microsoft about $90 trying what THEY said I should try to get it working again... and of course this too was no help (I love it when they tell me to format my hard disk and start from scratch - which is what one 'tech' suggested.... uh-huh...).

But then again, Microsoft is also blaming Sonic/Roxio for this problem, too... (naturally it has NOTHING to do with THEIR software...).


So right now I'm 'manually 'hacking' the registry to remove all Roxio references to see if I can at least get EMC10 're-installed' (BTW: not to worry - I've been a Windows PC and MS OS service person for over 20 years and I've done this too many times to count - I know all about backing up registry entries in the event I 'hose' something).

So even if I DO 'screw the pooch' here, I'm certainly no worse off since I'm pretty much innured to what comes next and (reluctantly) prepared to restore the whole thing from my 'clean' image of Vista Ultimate (see - even 'old dogs' learn a thing or two after servicing Windows PCs for as long as I have...).


As soon as I get this accomplished - I'll be back here to 'post' my results.


I shoulda known better than to try Vista ... again (for the fourth time). But until Win7 is released, I'll keep 'pluggin' along'....

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So - after many, many, MANY tries, I am forced to give up....


No progress whatsoever.... can't install EMC 10 and have it function for longer than one single usage - and I am 'fed up'...


I can't even get it to install properly and continue to work on this brand new re-install of Windows ...


I've owned EVERY version of Roxio since ver. 5 Platinum and never had as many issues as this...

So I guess I'll just go buy some other 'package'...


Sonic/Roxio... you've lost a customer. Which is too bad, 'cause I USED to think it was a great software package.


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