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drive not detected


when I try to copy a disc in roxio it states no drive detected to copy from, so in the select a drive it is bland because it cannot find drive. I am going nuts please help....I hate computers........



Kenya :angry:

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I hear your frustration... computers are not always easy. And you're not alone!


With regards to the CD not being found... the simplest thing to check is, make sure that the CD disk you put in is the right type. Sometimes, we put in a DVD into a drive that will only burn CD's. Is is the right type of CD? Is it a CD-R and you need a CD+R (or vice-versa)? Also, does the CD drive work in other programs? For example, if you put a music CD in, does it play the music normally? If you know that the CD-drive works/plays CD's well, then it's not the drive itself. I would assume when you got the computer that there was a program already installed that will allow you to burn CD's. But that's assuming that the CD-drive is NOT a CD-ROM but a CD-R and/or a CD+R type. If you look under "My Computer" and see how the CD drive is labeled, it will tell you if it's CD-ROM. If it is a CD-ROM, that means you can only play CD's (hence the "ROM" which means "Read Only Memory"). If this is true, then you will not be able to copy/burn any CD's of any type with any program on your computer. That only leaves you one choice... buy another CD drive (or DVD drive) to replace the current one or to add as another second drive.


I hope this helps. Good luck.




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