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EMC 8 Drag to Disc



I know that Drag to Disc is interfering with all of my disc drives. I have 5 computers and all are affected the same way. When no EMC is present they work fine. I have tried to custom install and leave Drag to Disc out and it still installs, and to disable it, (well you can forget it). I cannot disable or stop it from taking over the Disc Drives. I cannot play Audio CD's, DVD Movies, load or install programs because Drag to Disc restrains the Drives and strangles them. If I cannot get any reasonable solution to this problem, Roxio and Sonic will lose me as a Customer. (I know that is no big loss for them, because I am one voice, one vote. Signed Billy

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It's possible there are remnants of D2D left after an earlier installation. I have installed it on many occasions and succeeded in stopping D2D from cropping up.

That said, it shouldn't 'grab' any drive unless you have a formatted disc installed.


However, try the clean install procedure and then do the custom install after




I know it says EMC9/10 but it should work


Just as a FYI - D2D was dropped after EMC9

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